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Individuals and businesses are invited to advertise their products and services on our website. Visitors to the site are encouraged to support our advertisers and there is a link to go to the advertisements on our Homepage. For a donation to the club of $30, a standard size ad (see below) will be posted for one year. For an additional $20 donation, advertisers can post a one-page pricelist that is linked to their ad. Pricelists may be updated up to four times per year as part of the same $20 donation. A complete pricelist must be transmitted to replace the old pricelist each time it is updated.

The standard size ad is based upon that of a business card

  1. Advertisers will contact the webmaster via email about placing an ad.
  2. He or she will be sent by return email the ad template along with other instructions, and our address for sending the donation.
  3. When the complete ad copy and donation are received, the ad will be posted and the advertiser notified.
  4. Advertisers will be notified each year when it is time to renew.
  5. Objectionable content will not be accepted.